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Transcreation and the professions


David Katan


Uncertainty in the Traslation professions


Yves Gambier and Jeremy Munday

A Conversation between Yves Gambier and Jeremy Munday about transcreation and the future of the professions


Cristophe Declercq

Crowd, Cloud and automation in the translation education community


Daniel Pedersen

Exploring the concept of transcreation - transcreation as 'more than translation?'


Jing Fang and Zhongwei Song

Exploring the Chinese translation of Australian Health Product Labels:

Are they selling the same thing?


José Dávila-Montes and Pilar Orero

Strategies for the Audio Description of Brand Names


Serenella Zanotti

Translation and transcreation in the dubbing process.

A genetic approach.


Denise Filmer


An ethnographic study of British journalists who translate


M. Cristina Caimotto

Transcreating a new kind of humour: the case of Daniele Luttazzi


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