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Issue 2017 Volume 10 (1) 

Table of Contents

Introduction – David Katan                                                                         


From Cassandra to Pandora -Thoughts on Translation and Transformation in a multilingual and multicultural future. A conversation with FIT Immediate Past President, Dr. Henry Liu

David Katan, Henry Liu                                                                          


European policy on multilingualism: unity in diversity or added value?

Patrick Leech                                                                                             


English as a Lingua Franca vs. Interpreting – Perspectives of Young Conference Participants on Two Competing Means of Communication

Michael Tieber                                                                                                      


"Everybody Speaks English Nowadays”. Conference Interpreters’ Perception of the Impact of English as a Lingua Franca on a Changing Profession

Paola Gentile, Michaela Albl-Mikasa                                                             


ELF as a self-translation practice: towards a pedagogy of contact in the Italian as a Foreign Language (IFL) classroom

Lorena Carbonara, Annarita Taronna                                                                


Localising or globalising? Multilingualism and lingua franca in the management of emergencies from natural disasters

Maria Teresa Musacchio, Raffaella Panizzon                                                                                                        


Contact Languages Counteracting Language Planning Policies: A New Lingua Franca in the Oromia Region (Ethiopia)

Renato Tomei                                                                                                    


The absentee language: the role of Italian in the work of expatriate writers in Italy

Dominic Stewart                                                                                                


On the direction of Translation Studies. Susan Bassnett and Anthony Pym in dialogue

Susan Bassnett, Anthony Pym     



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