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CULTUS 14 (2021)

Translation plus:

The added value of the translator       

The translator plus: An Introduction                                                
Cinzia Spinzi                                                                                      
Translation plus and the added value of the translator:                        
An interview with David Jemielity                                        
David Jemielity and David Katan                                                           

Translation plus and the added value of the translator:                        
An interview with Rose Newell                                                         
Rose Newell and David Katan                                                               

Collaborative Translation and Cases of Translator Plus                      
Angela D’Egidio                                                                                   

Exploring and expanding the plus of translators’ power:                     
Translatorial agency and the communicative constitution
of organizations (CCO)
Gary Massey                                                                                         

The value added of the translator in the financial services industry   
Patrick Williamson                                                                                

Hybridisation adds value in translation and interpreting        
Claudia Benetello                                                                                   

Author as the Other Translator: From cooperation to                      
collaboration through competition and compromise 
Wenhao Yao                                                                                         

Dear Kimon’:
Gatekeeping and politics in a translator’s correspondence                
Nadia Georgiou                                                                                    

Creativity in Media Accessibility: A Political Issue                             
Pablo Romero-Fresco


CULTUS 13 (2020)


Editors: David Katan - Cinzia Spinzi

Guest Editors: Raffaela Merlini and Christina Schäffner

Table of Contents

Narrating narratives of migration through translation, interpreting and the media
Raffaela Merlini and Christina Schäffner                                                                                                                         

A Conversation about Translation and Migration
Moira Inghilleri and Loredana Polezzi                                                                                                                                                                                    

Easy Eatalian Chefs of Italian origin hosting cookery series on British television and mediating 
their cultural heritage
Linda Rossato                                                                                                                                                     

The mediation of subtitling in the narrative construction of migrant and/or marginalized stories
Alessandra Rizzo                                                                              

Interlinguistic and intercultural mediation in psychological care interviews with asylum seekers and refugees: Handling emotions in the narration of traumatic experience
Francisco Raga, Dora Sales and Marta Sánchez                                       

Interpreting Distress Narratives in Italian Reception Centres: The need for caution when negotiating empathy
Mette Rudvin and Astrid Carfagnini                                                      

From Italy with love: Narratives of expats’ political engagement in a corpus of Italian media outlets
Gaia Aragrande and Chiara De Lazzari                                                   

Journalistic translation in migrant news narratives: Representations of the Diciotti Crisis in 
British news brands
Denise Filmer                                                                                 

“Language barrier” in UK newspapers 2010-2020: Figurative meaning, migration, and language needs
Federico Federici                                                                             

To Translate or not To Translate: Narratives and Translation in the UK Home Office
Elena Ruiz-Cortés                         


CULTUS 12 (2019)    


Editors: David Katan - Cinzia Spinzi

Table of Contents

Training Mediators. An Introduction 
Cinzia Spinzi                                                                                       

The Future of Translator Education: A Dialogue
Gary Massey and Don Kiraly                                                                

At a Certain Stage, one has to Deliver: Why Professional Translation Masters’ Matter
Nicolas Froeliger                                                                                 

Challenges in the Professional Training of Language and Intercultural Mediators: Translating Tourism Cross-Cultural Communication
Mirella Agorni                                                                                   

Habitus of the Future Translator – A T-shaped Expert
Juha Eskelinen                                                                                 

Audiovisual Translation from Criticism to Popularisation: 
Reflections on how to make Academic Research on AVT ‘Translational’
Emilia Di Martino                                                                                             

Learning Audio Description: Training Resources for Future Academics and Professionals
Anna Matamala, Pilar Orero, Anna Jankowska, Carme Mangiron             

The Future of Mediators for Live Events: LTA project - Academic and Vocational Training
Estella Oncins, Carlo Eugeni, Rocío Bernabé                                           

Training Respeakers: A Hybrid Profession for the (near) Future?
Annalisa Sandrelli                                                                           

Reception Studies and Audiovisual Translation: Eye Tracking Research at the Service of Training in Subtitling
Elena Di Giovanni                                                                                                                                                                     

What Mediators Want: 
A qualitative Needs Analysis on the Training and Formation of Future Intercultural Mediators
Denise Filmer                                                                               

Through the Looking-Glass: Reflections of/on Empathy in Healthcare Interpreter Education
Raffaela Merlini                                                                            

Crisis Translation Training Challenges Arising from New Contexts of Translation
Federico M. Federici, Minako O’Hagan, Sharon O’Brien, Patrick Cadwell    

Collaborative Work in Translation Education: A case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tanja Pavlovic                                                                              


General Editors: David Katan - Cinzia Spinzi

Issue 2018 - Volume 11 Guest Edited by Irene Ranzato and Serenella Zanotti      

Table of Contents



Issue 2018 - Special Issue - Volume 10 (2) Edited by Alessandra Rizzo

Table of Contents

Introduction. Multilingualism and beyond: An endless evolution

Alessandra Rizzo                                                                                  

Mediated Multilingual Interactions. Suggestions for a game theoretic Framework

Mette Rudvin                                                                                       

Troubled talk in cross-cultural business emails. A digital Conversation Analysis of Interactions

Marianna Lya Zummo                                                                           

Empowering the Italo-Australian community through news translation. A case study on “Il Globo” community newspaper

Gaia Aragrande                                                                                    

Somers Town. Multilingual settings explored in audiovisual translation contexts

Alessandra Rizzo                                                                                  




Issue 2017 Volume 10 (1)

Table of Contents

Introduction – David Katan                                                                         


From Cassandra to Pandora -Thoughts on Translation and Transformation in a multilingual and multicultural future.

A conversation with FIT Immediate Past President, Dr. Henry Liu

David Katan, Henry Liu                                                                          


European policy on multilingualism: unity in diversity or added value?

Patrick Leech                                                                                            


English as a Lingua Franca vs. Interpreting – Perspectives of Young Conference Participants on Two Competing Means of Communication

Michael Tieber                                                                                                      


"Everybody Speaks English Nowadays”. Conference Interpreters’ Perception of the Impact of English as a Lingua Franca on a Changing Profession

Paola Gentile, Michaela Albl-Mikasa                                                             


ELF as a self-translation practice: towards a pedagogy of contact in the Italian as a Foreign Language (IFL) classroom

Lorena Carbonara, Annarita Taronna                                                                


Localising or globalising? Multilingualism and lingua franca in the management of emergencies from natural disasters

Maria Teresa Musacchio, Raffaella Panizzon                                                                                                        


Contact Languages Counteracting Language Planning Policies: A New Lingua Franca in the Oromia Region (Ethiopia)

Renato Tomei                                                                                                    


The absentee language: the role of Italian in the work of expatriate writers in Italy

Dominic Stewart                                                                                                


On the direction of Translation Studies. Susan Bassnett and Anthony Pym in dialogue

Susan Bassnett, Anthony Pym                                                                              




TOURISM ACROSS CULTURES Accessibility in Tourist Communication

- Issue 2016 V, 9 (2nd volume) -


Table of Contents

David Katan
Mirella Agorni
Mohamed Zain Sulaiman
Novriyanto Napu
David Katan
Robin Cranmer
Maria Elisa Fina
Joselia Neves
Nikolas Komninos

Sandra Navarro




TOURISM ACROSS CULTURES Accessibility in Tourist Communication

- Issue 2016 V, 9 (1st volume) -


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